new trends
in metal processing

Highly qualified employees and cutting-edge machinery resources and also over 30 years of experience and solid fundamentals acquired from work with manual equipment- all of this makes that Sacher Company has well-established position in European metallurgical industry.

Getting to know each other better

Sacher Company has been involved in metal processing for more than 30 years. We specialize in machining: milling, turning and grinding, we also render services in heat treatment and electrical discharge treatment. As a result of our extensively developed machinery resources, we offer a very wide range of products.
The most important aspect of metal processing is precision- here there is no room for guesswork, that is why the whole production process of Sacher Company has been carefully planned and improved for years. Even the smallest elements are analyzed and improved, and each order is individually considered. Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality products. In order to achieve this goal we continuously invest in our machinery resources and we work with modern equipment of reputable brands: vertical machining centers, CNC lathes, die-sinking EDM machines, wire –cutting EDM machines and grinders. As far as all work stations are concerned, we use CAM software.

Cutting edge equipment is not everything- another thing that matters is staff professionalism. Sacher employees are tight team of qualified specialists- each of them is at the same time operator and software developer. As a result of complex project implementation using various materials- steel, non-ferrous metals or plastics- all our employees have not only excellent theoretical background but also extensive professional experience. Sacher Company has been enjoying the trust of partners and counterparties for more than 30 years. We strive to meet their expectations and implement ambitious orders of the most demanding customers.


Sacher Company guarantees its customers the highest quality of services regarding mechanical, heat and electrical discharging treatment of steels, non-ferrous metals and plastics. We focus on innovation, investing in our machinery resources and in our qualified staff, providing our employees with opportunity for comprehensive development. With respect to our relations with counterparties from all over Europe, reliability and credibility is crucial issue to our company, supported by precision and quality of manufactured products.


Sacher Company strives to develop technologically on an ongoing basis and to develop its machinery resources to offer the most innovate metal processing solutions to customers. Our company makes sure that their employees improve and expand their competencies, believing that specialized and reliable stuff is the foundation of success in metallurgical industry. The measure of success is the company’s reputation on European markets and the goal-expansion of wide network of business contacts and strengthening of the leading supplier position, specializing in tooling for leading companies from the continent.


The beginnings of Sacher Company. The Company starts its business from scratch, performing orders of local entrepreneurs using a manual lathe. Consistently expands its machinery resources by adding new manual machines; new employees and new customers appear.
Purchase of the first Haas CNC machine. New equipment means a technological breakthrough, it expands the company’s scope and extends its offer.
There is a growing interest in Sacher Company’s services, new machine, CNC lathe, has been purchased.
The Company has been quickly developing and needs an additional space. A decision has been made to buy a land in Wałbrzyska Special Economic Zone- Bolesławiec SubZone.
A modern production hall with welfare and office facilities is being erected, the company is to move to a new place next year.
Purchase of EDM machines- the Company’s offer is expanded with electrical discharge machining.
Another stage of modernizing machinery resources: purchase of Haas VF-2 milling machine, surface grinder and Accutex drilling machines. Having new equipment, the company expands its range of services by drilling deep holes of very small diameter.
Construction of a second production hall. Production commences in November 2015.
New machines, Mitsubishi Electric MV series wire-cut EDM, Haas DS30SSY dual-spindle CNC lathe and Hermle C400 machining centre were added to Sacher’s machinery resources.
Purchase of modern vacuum heat treating furnaces expands the range of the quenching station’s offer. Purchase of two additional Hermle C 400 machining centers.