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Mechanical machining

One of the main elements of Sacher’s offer is machining steel, color metals and plastics. This process consists of removing a bend allowance from the workpiece surface with one or more blades of a specific tool. In its offer, Sacher has several types of machining: Turning – both conventional turning and CNC turning – as well as CNC milling and surface grinding and profiling.

Professional machining

The controlled process of removing bend allowance from the surface of a particular element and of giving it the desired final shape and size is called machining. It is one of the main services provided by Sacher. To perform the tasks in this area, we use a state-of-the-art machinery park which includes i.a. milling machines, lathes, grinding machines and other machines, which allow for precise metal machining.

Our experienced team of specialists ensures professional handling of small orders, such as individual components, as well as large orders. We can easily handle hard metals, different tolerances, and even difficult geometric shapes. CNC machining can be done on the basis of supplied samples, detailed drawings or precise models. We collaborate even on complex, custom projects. For many years, we have provided complete and proven machining services to our customers.

Professional CNC metal machining – maximum precision of specialized equipment

For prototypes and many end pieces, accuracy is an extremely important aspect of metal machining. Maximum precision means that the customer receives a part that looks and works exactly as it was designed – without errors or deficiencies that can affect the mechanical performance of the component. With the development of specialized machines, CNC machining of stainless steel and many other materials is now more accurate than ever.

Machine operators can now use computers to program cutting tool trajectories to within a micrometer, virtually eliminating inaccuracies caused by human error. As long as the CNC machine is correctly configured, it will be able to cut workpieces with high precision and repeatability. At our company, we use only high-end equipment from renowned manufacturers, which offers reliability, precision and the best possible equipment.

Tools used for metal machining play a key role in the quality of the parts being created and in production efficiency. They must be able to maintain their strength and hardness at elevated temperatures, have the correct geometry, and must not crack or chip. At Sacher we have the right equipment and tools for professional work with a wide range of components. Modern milling, turning, electroforming and manual machining machines are handled by trained professionals. With this connection, we provide our customers with CNC services that meet all their needs.

Machining of stainless steel and other materials – a complete offer

At Sacher, in regards to machining, we have experience with a wide range of metals. We are even working with rare or highly difficult materials. We are constantly developing our offer to adapt it to the latest properties of metals. This ensures that the results of our work are of the highest quality possible and meet all engineering requirements. Sacher’s range offers machining of metals such as:

– aluminium,
– stainless steel,
– copper
– bronze and brass,
– titanium,
– lead.

We also handle plastic machining. One of the most important assets of our company is a wide range of services for the development of various materials for all industries. Aluminum CNC machining and stainless steel machining are becoming particularly popular with many industries today. Every step of our production process is controlled by experienced professionals, and all operational procedures are reviewed, monitored and continuously improved.

Metal machining with Sacher – why is it worth it?

With the professional component and part support we provide for a variety of applications, our customers achieve their sales and production goals effectively. The aim of the Sacher company is to establish long-term and stable business relationships, as well as to continuously improve production capacity, technology level and knowledge in such areas as CNC processing.

We have all the advantages that mechanical machining offers today – and there are a lot to mention. Above all, there is nothing to prevent this process from taking place continuously without any interruption, so it can meet even a very large demand for specific components. It also requires less human work. Due to the development of technology, machining is largely automated, making it more reliable, but also cheaper. In addition, this process ensures high performance and excellent product quality, with accurate detail.

By using these machining advantages in an appropriate way, a significant competitive advantage can be achieved in the industry. The Sacher company provides its customers with advanced parts and components that meet all the requirements set out at the beginning of each partnership.