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Sustainable development

At Sacher, we place great importance on sustainable development. It is crucial for reducing environmental impact, improving energy efficiency, and ensuring long-term stability and innovation. Steps taken to promote sustainable development include:

1. Energy Efficiency: Investments in modern CNC machines and optimization of production processes can significantly reduce energy consumption. Utilizing energy-efficient technologies such as energy-saving motors, cooling systems, and LED lighting can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.
2. Material Recycling: Proper waste management, including sorting and recycling, is crucial for limiting negative environmental impact. Seeking ways to use waste as secondary raw materials in the production process can also be beneficial.
3. Pollution Minimization: Using environmentally friendly chemical materials and reducing emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere and groundwater can help minimize negative environmental impact.
4. Supply Chain Management: Collaborating with suppliers and business partners who also strive for sustainable development can promote socially and environmentally responsible practices throughout the supply chain.
5. Clean Energy: Photovoltaic panels convert solar energy into electricity without emitting harmful greenhouse gases or air pollutants. Therefore, solar energy helps reduce CO2 emissions and other harmful substances, contributing to combating climate change and improving air quality. Investing in clean solar energy significantly reduces the carbon footprint in the area of production.

Improving sustainable development in the CNC industry requires a collective effort from companies, employees, suppliers, and customers. Pursuing sustainable manufacturing can benefit both the environment and the industry itself by increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and building a positive brand image.

Sacher is a company certified by Ecovadis, which represents a significant step towards sustainable production. Ecovadis is a renowned organization specializing in assessing sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. Through certification by Ecovadis, Sacher demonstrates its commitment to business practices that prioritize environmental care, community, and ethical labor. This confirmation can be crucial both for customers who prioritize ecological and social aspects of production, and for the company itself, which strives for excellence in sustainable development.