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The production phase of the CNC milling and CNC machining process uses computer-controlled machines. CNC machining, milling, CNC turning, or any other process plays an important role in high-precision products. Products from CNC machining are used in aerospace, automotive, construction, doors and windows, exterior panel processing, and other industries. Faster processing will produce more products in less time. As a result, the high demands of customers are fully met, and the product delivery is completed on time. Overall production costs are also reduced, as time is the most valuable resource in any manufacturing process, so let’s look at what can be done to make the most of this efficient process. In the following article, we also answer what the timing of CNC orders and services depends on. We invite you to join us! 

Proper planning

The production speed is influenced by choosing the proper machining method and several other factors. First, consider the size and structure of the material added to the process and the product. When creating a plan, consider that more complex and larger products will require a more detailed plan. On the other hand, you should also have good resistance points. Stronger resistance requires equally precise planning regardless of whether the order involves making up parts or machining is involved. Proper planning can also reduce CNC machining costs and makes better cnc machining resources.

Several factors at the same time

Performing simultaneous operations on stainless steel, or any other product, helps speed up the CNC machining process. You can reduce overall machining time and increase productivity by performing multiple operations at once. However, this cannot be easy and requires careful planning and coordination. However, with proper preparation, simultaneous machining can be done successfully, and CNC machining processes can be improved.

Workplace organization and the speed of CNC machining execution 

The turnaround time depends on the management of the production facility. As the boss, you should design the control of the production facility like a machine. To do this, create a proper organizational chart so that everything works properly. Before working on the CNC machine, prepare the parts and tools for machining in a specific order. If you classify them properly, you will find that the machining process is shorter and easier.

The right team and the speed of completing a CNC job

Working on a CNC machine is an experience that requires attention to detail. Therefore, training all team members involved in the CNC machining process is important. Due to such a detailed process, the operation will inevitably be fast, smooth, and efficient. To achieve this, the knowledge level of the team members operating the machine is expected to be sufficient. A well-trained and professionally prepared team will also increase productivity, which will translate into the speed of CNC job completion. 

Machine overhaul and maintenance 

Timely completion of an order is also affected by properly maintained equipment. Practice makes perfect. Remember that anything that increases activity during operation will eventually wear out. But it’s only up to you to stop it! If you regularly maintain your CNC center, you will be able to use it longer. Any CNC machine without technical problems positively affects the machining process and the speed of order completion. If we bring regular maintenance, we minimize the machine’s risk of breaking down. Thus, technical problems are minimized and there is no decrease in productivity. Since production is not interrupted and products leave the counter on time, customer satisfaction increases significantly! Any wear and tear effects resulting from handling are prevented at the source. This keeps the CNC machining process at a high level of productivity. Custom CNC machining services are suitable for your Company! Remember that the CNC machining service cost less than the broker machine.

Production workflow

CNC manufacturing companies to improve CNC job turnaround time should start by analyzing the entire production process, from application discovery to part execution, to identify time-saving opportunities. As important as it is to purchase the latest software or follow best metrology practices, fast and efficient production is also important, as is optimizing workflow. Engineers should challenge their product teams to detect waste or inefficiencies in existing processes and enable them to make changes. This may include performing some tasks simultaneously, eliminating manual activities and increasing internal communication to reduce rework. Speed and efficiency are becoming second nature to a company that is analyzing its manufacturing process and wants to improve turnaround times. 

IoT to change cycle times

Manufacturers and product teams know that reducing cycle times is key to speeding up CNC machining. If a manufacturer can reduce each cycle by 4 seconds on an order of 1,000 pieces, that translates into more than an hour of production time. Manufacturers typically calculate cycle time by dividing the theoretical machining time by the number of parts made, but this calculation may need to be more accurate. Engineers can calculate cycle times more accurately by using real-time data collected from IoT sensors. After examining the data and discovering how fast the machine is really running, engineers may discover that they can save valuable time by simply reformatting the program.

How to improve on-time performance? 

Here are the best tips to improve your job completion deadline. 

  • Use quality tools, tool holders, and fasteners
  • Use the correct type of coolant
  • Set the cutting speed correctly
  • Use the right kind of oil
  • Proper preparation of processing indicators is essential,
  • Take care of the precise selection of the cutting format for CNC machined parts
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Reduce setup time
  • Reduce tool changeover time
  • Start process planning

In CNC machine work, the balance of time and cost is the key to productivity. Keep in mind that when CNC machines are idle, they consume a lot of resources with no return and increase costs. In this case, maximizing machine utilization is simple – keep all machines running at total capacity. 5-axis CNC machines are best at speeding up the process because they reduce manual part positioning time. In addition, 5-axis machines tend to have more prominent tool magazines and require fewer manual tool changes. They can also improve quality by reducing the risk of human error while increasing accuracy and repeatability.


CNC machining is already a fast manufacturing process, but engineers can make a few simple changes to their operating procedures to speed up lead times. Options such as running machines at full capacity and using IoT devices to inform maintenance decisions and calculate more accurate cycle times are helping manufacturers get the most out of their equipment, increasing productivity, speeding time to market, and saving valuable money. Cutting, welding, threading, or other operations should be done professionally and with the above factors in mind. This way, stainless steel and different types of construction can be completed faster and more accurately. Sacher company is online CNC machining services for Your business! Sacher company is an online CNC machining service. Our online CNC machining service is the best place to production parts, custom machined parts, or rapid prototyping. If you have questions, look at CNC machining faqs for Your business!