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CNC Milling services

In milling – unlike metal turning – the workpiece remains stationary and the mobile cutting edges of the CNC machine move to remove the excess material. This type of machining ensures exceptional accuracy and repeatability, even when making very complex parts and components – all the more so as to provide CNC milling services, Sacher uses modern Haas and Hermle brand machines.

Sacher is open to taking orders which require working with steel and colored metals, as well as plastics. In individual, precise projects, the skills and experience of workers who can effectively and efficiently use modern CNC milling machines are key – including the ability to process workpieces on up to five axes simultaneously, allowing for extremely complex shapes.

Modern industry requires the use of increasingly complex parts that can only be obtained with the help of appropriate technologies. CNC milling is a good example of this. By incorporating computer-controlled numerical devices into the processing process, a high level of precision is achieved, resulting in high quality components and complete repeatability. Our extensive machinery park is capable of carrying out virtually any material milling project. Take a closer look at what we have to offer in the field of mechanical machining.

How does the milling service work?

A CNC machine is used to produce an element of specific shape and detail. A material block is placed on a specially prepared table and processing details are determined. These are i.a. dimensions, planes or small parts on the surface that must appear. CNC milling services are also provided by choosing the right cutter and method. Our machinery park can be used for both climb and conventional milling. These are the two most important and most popular methods.

We have many types of milling cutters, including:

– rotary,
– face,
– end,
– disc, angle,
– one sided.

and others. They can be used by any milling machine

Of course, professional CNC milling machines are the basis for the work. As long as the lathe remains in place during the process, the cutter machine moves around the material block. We have brand-name Haas and Hermle machines, which can quickly carry out any project outlined in the CAD program. Most of the time, 3-axis machines are used, but we also have a 5-axis milling machine. As a result, we have no limits for precision milling.

What kind of materials are worked on using the CNC milling service?

Due to the exceptional accuracy achieved by CNC machines, they are used primarily to form metal shapes. The most common is steel. It has a high degree of hardness, however that does not interfere with our machines capacity for precise machining. Stainless steel milling also includes related material groups such as austenitic or heat resistant. This range also includes structural steel, hardened steel, spring steel and many more.

A CNC milling machine can easily handle cast iron blocks (white, gray, black), aluminum and its alloys, tungsten, molybdenum or magnesium. It is also possible to mill copper, nickel super alloys or titanium, as well as various types of composites (especially thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics). But that’s not all. We can apply this specialized process to even a natural, relatively soft raw material like wood. So as you can see, a brand name CNC milling machine is a truly versatile device that can be used on almost any material.

What shapes can be achieved with the CNC metal milling machine?

There are very few limitations in this respect. CNC milling of aluminum and other materials allows us to achieve even the most complex shapes. However, the most important advantage of machining is the creation of extremely detailed workpieces. Milling holes in metal is only part of what can be produced using a good design. For example, channels or gouges necessary for the proper operation of machines may appear on the surface of a component. In addition, 3D milling allows you to round off edges or create fantastic patterns.

As a result, metal milling is readily used in heavy and chemical industries and even in food. It is ideal for applications where you need to create custom-sized items, shapes, and details. CNC milling is therefore also popular in the advertising industry, which needs precision-made elements with a perfect appearance. And the method we are proposing has really high aesthetic appeal.

When is metal milling useful?

At first glance, machining appears to be very useful in retail production. This is true. Milling aluminum prototypes, injection molds, dies, electrodes, or press tools are the most common orders in this field. The manufacturing of tools requires precision, and this in turn requires a lot of time. Cutting is therefore an indispensable method.

However, CNC steel milling is also characterized by perfect repeatability. This reduces production time. This is particularly useful for companies which use complex machines that need to be constantly upgraded as industry technology evolves. In addition, metal milling is indispensable in mass production. Automotive plants are a good example of companies interested in this type of machining. Even the simplest car model consists of hundreds, if not thousands of parts with small details and the easiest and fastest way to acquire them is by milling materials.

What are the benefits of our milling services?

Our machinery park is unrivaled in many ways. First of all, it allows you to complete virtually any project. We will be happy to accept any challenge. Milling aluminum and other materials is completely repeatable and, moreover, extremely fast compared to traditional methods. As such, we can create many elements with exactly the same parameters at an express rate. Orders are valued on a case-by-case basis.

We invite you to join the numbers of our satisfied customers. Our metal processing plant is sure to meet your needs. To learn more about partnership in the field of milling, contact us by telephone or by email. We will answer any questions and help you prepare the best possible project.