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Plunge Electrical Discharge Machining

This grade of EDM processing involves the insertion of the tool, i.e. the work electrode, into the workpiece. For this purpose, Sacher uses Mitsubishi Plunge EDM machines, which incorporate the use of graphite or copper electrodes. With such high-tech tools, we are able to make deep, very small diameter holes in a wide range of materials: cast iron, sinters, aluminum and various types of steel. Our machines guarantee a high surface quality of Ra 0,1 μm. The use of profiled electrodes allows for precise machining of complex components such as die cast molds or injection molds.

Plunge Electrical Discharge Machining is one of the methods of electrical discharge machining. It is used when alternative surface shaping proves insufficient. For situations requiring specialist solutions, Electrical Discharge Machining proves most useful. With a well-equipped machinery park, we are able to provide this service for our customers.

CNC Plunge Electrical Discharge Machining process

This method revolves around eroding particular sections of the material. This is done by using pulsed electrical discharges which occur between two electrodes (the tool and the machined surface) separated by a liquid dielectric (e.g. petroleum or mineral oils). This generates a concentrated, high temperature ranging from 6000şC to even 50000şC. EDM drilling results in the erosion (evaporation) of workpiece particles.

The drill version of electrical discharge machining is used on objects that are impossible to work on with less advanced tools, as they are concave, have sharp angles etc. EDM drilling is done using copper or graphite electrodes. We have both of these tools at our disposal, so we are able to carry out any and all commissions in this field.

Materials suitable for Plunge Electrical Discharge Machining

In practice, almost any material that conducts current can be worked on. The most common types are steels (stainless, structural, heat resistant, hardened), but also aluminum, copper, bronze or brass. Carbide and polycrystalline diamonds work equally well. CNC plunge EDM is indispensable in the machining of difficult-to-cut materials. This is due to the production of high amounts of heat, which toughest raw material cannot withstand.

Uses of Plunge EDM

The method is primarily used in those industries that need precision-made dies, injection and die cast molds, gear wheels, stamps, cutting dies and similar products. The same applies to compressor, fuel bar and turbine blade machining. Which industries are therefore willing to use this method? For example, the automotive, aerospace and heavy industries, as well as medical and energy industries.

Plunge EDM is particularly useful for creating dies and molds. Why? Because they have special designs that consist of narrow slots, sharp corners, and deep ribs. There is no better way to create complete products. Other production methods would require the elements to be divided into simple shapes. That is a solution that has many negative consequences, including increased machining costs.

Advantages of Plunge Electrical Discharge Machining

The main advantages of this process include:

– high quality surface finish,
– polishing is not necessary,
– very small components can be produced,
– creating complex shapes,
– no contact between the tool and the drilled object, so the process does not cause visible distortion.

Plunge Electrical Discharge Machining or Wire Electrical Discharge Machining – which should you choose?

As you know, the EMD plunge electrode is used for concave shapes and hard-to-reach areas. For other items, the EMD wire version is worth considering. It is used to cut and profile selected sections. The result is a variety of cutting and machining tools. We would like to point out that both methods are available in our offer.

Professional Plunge Electrical Discharge Machining

We have extremely high performance, high precision Mitsubishi brand equipment. These machines can produce high quality surfaces (Ra at 0,1 μm) even in very complex, detail-intensive projects. Our experience allows you to take on any task. We have already had the opportunity to work with many customers in this field.

We encourage all those interested in our services to contact us by telephone or email. We guarantee that Plunge EDM will meet your expectations. We also provide individual cost evaluations for every order.