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Wire EDM

As for the machines used for the second type of Electrical Discharge Machining in Sacher’s offer, the work electrode is a wire with a diameter of 0,1 to 0,36 mm. The cut starts either from a previously made start hole or from the edge of the workpiece, the height of which can be up to 220 mm in the case of the machines used by Sacher.

One of the main advantages of this variety of EDM technology, referred to as WEDM (Wire Electrical Discharge Machining), is the elimination of cutting forces, which is not possible in mechanical machining. This makes it possible to create very small workpieces that could be damaged by the impact of these forces on the workpiece if it was worked on using, for example, a milling machine.

WEDM is also the most precise method of cutting metal, even much more accurate than laser cutting, allowing for a surface quality of Ra ≤ 0,15 μm and a parallelism of < 5 μm. This applies even to the machining of materials with very high hardness, thus this technology is used successfully for the production of specialized tools for various kinds of metallurgy, such as machining, plastic machining and casting. Using cutting-edge Mitsubishi Wire EDM devices allows Sacher to carry out orders that require high precision and accuracy of complex shapes that are not achievable through machining, such as sharp internal corners of a workpiece.

Professional WEDM Wire Electric Discharge Machining

Sacher provides comprehensive WEDM wire discharge machining services. We have a modern machinery park at our disposal, which allows us to provide all our services with the highest precision and professionalism. We handle the machining of electrical conductor materials such as i.e. special sinters (CBN boron, PKD polycrystalline diamond), carbide, graphite, colored metals. We also work with acid resistant and stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze and brass. Wire cutting also includes machining of hardened, structural and tool steels.

We perform Wire Electric Discharge Machining of workpieces of various dimensions, even large ones, with an accuracy of 0,001 mm, resulting in a surface finish of RA 2,7-0,1. We use wires from 0,1 to 0,35 mm in diameter, which allows us to achieve excellent precision and complex shapes. We work on the basis of the documentation given to us by the client or prepared by our construction office per client request. We perform straight and angled wire cutting, with both variable and fixed angles.

How does Wire Electric Discharge Machining work?

WEDM Wire Electric Discharge Machining is a high-precision, high-tech process. This method makes it possible to create workpieces with complex, even irregular shapes. Its precision is unmatched by any other methods. Wire Electric Discharge Machining is an excellent addition to milling and turning, as it allows for completing tasks which cannot be done using ordinary tools.

The steel wire cut uses a stretched wire as an electrode. Normally, the wire and the workpiece are immersed in deionized water, which acts as an electrical insulator (dielectric) until an electrical shock occurs. When the wire approaches the workpiece, the distance between them becomes small enough and the voltage so high that electricity is discharged. Sparks appear between the workpiece and the wire.

The electrical discharge heats a small part of the workpiece to several thousand degrees Celsius. As a result, the dielectric becomes ionized plasma or gas, which forms a bubble under the influence of high pressure. The plasma balloon then collapses, forcing molten material to disperse in the dielectric fluid. At the same time, a gap is created in the workpiece and a part of the wire is eroded. The discharge process is repetitive and occurs up to 250 000 times per second. As a result, the metal near the wire is removed and a cut is formed along the wire itself. The water jet removes the particles produced and cools the wire. Cutting metal with a wire involves erosion of the wire itself, which makes the machine feed fresh wire from a spool regularly, cuts the old wire and leaves it in a special basket for recycling.

Wire Electric Discharge Machining – versatile use in industry

Wire Electric Discharge Machining is a technique that is characterized by incredible precision, unmatched by other conventional cutting, machining, or heat machining techniques. This method makes it possible to produce small parts, with high material hardness and even very complex construction.

Wire Electric Discharge Machining is used for machining aluminum, copper and metals that are difficult to work with, such as hardened steel and carbide. It allows us to cut elements of complex shapes and sizes. This technique allows for the creation of punch units, gears, circular saws and complex machine parts. It is suitable for producing tools, mold components, dies, press tools and other workpieces which require high precision. It also allows you to create products that are highly aesthetically pleasing. These include i.e. objects used as interior decorations. By guiding the wire at an angle, different shapes can be obtained at the top and bottom of the workpiece.